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Nothing Will Work Unless You Do!

Thursday, October 1st, 2009
Take Action

Take Action

This time of year can get pretty busy for us personal trainers. People start to finally realise the consequences of eating too much over winter and sitting in front of the TV instead of training. People panic and they want to undo the last three to four months (or years for some) in 3 weeks. Don’t get me wrong, I’m good but not that good!

What I find interesting as I meet new clients is that a lot of them actually believe that this is how it’s meant to be during winter. “Everyone puts on weight over winter right?” …actually no, not everyone. It’s the same at Christmas time, Easter time, birthdays, vacations, after a busy and stressful week at work. Any excuse to overeat and under train will do! It’s as if these situations take away our ability to control what and how much food goes into our mouths. At the end of the day the difference between someone who is overweight and unfit, and someone who is fit and healthy comes down to the individual choices they make on a daily basis.

Understand that there are things you can’t change, and there are things you can change when it comes to getting fit and healthy.

Things you can’t change:
1. The behaviors of the people around you; i.e. everyone else overeating and under-exercising.
2. The seasons. Winter comes every year, so does Christmas.
3. Your genetics. No matter how hard you or I train there some things we cannot change, you either have a small, medium or large frame. But know that any frame can be fit and healthy.
4. Your sex (at least not quickly). Ladies your boyfriend, husband, etc, will almost always lose weight and fat faster than you will, even with the same amount of exercise… Deal with it.
5. Your age. A message for the men out there, don’t train the way you did when you were 21 if you haven’t trained for years. Put egos aside and start off slow and consistently.

Things you can change:
1. Your biological age.
2. Your diet (what you put in your mouth).
3. Your lifestyle (sleep, stress, alcohol, cigs, drugs, relaxation, work/life balance).
4. Your exercise program (or lack thereof).
5. Your attitude (the state of your physiology is a by-product of your psychology).

For a long time I though that the most challenging thing for people was exercising. However the more and more people I help, the more I realize that the top two reasons people fail with weight loss and fitness comes down to diet and attitude. People need to step back and take an un-emotional and honest look at what and how much they eat, their exercise habits, their mindset (are you just looking for a quick fix) and how they can improve these if need be.

I don’t believe that anybody wants to be unfit and overweight, unfortunately most people don’t believe that they are the ones who can change the situation. Focus on what you can change (i.e. YOU), not what you can’t.

Happy training :)
Adriana Solorzano – Director & Personal Training Manager